BRB, Japan!

I’m off to Japan for two weeks, guys! :D I won’t be posting but I’ll be drawing lots so expect some cool travel comics and the launch of my webcomic shortly after! Y’all have a great easter and be good while I’m gone! No late snacks or scary movies! I’m kidding, I know all Tumblr lives on is late snacks and scary movies. :D

the wolf is a noble and ferocious beast

And drew some gothy ladies. :) I kinda love the cybergoth look but I don’t think I could ever pull it off!

Been a while since I posted some scanned sketches. :) I accidentally bought a fashion design sketchpad last time and it has all these super-tall man and woman drawings as templates throughout… Usually I just ignored them but they were super entertaining to draw over too. :D

I haven’t drawn myself properly in… years? Ever? xD Anyway to celebrate OH MY GOD FINALLY WARM ENOUGH FOR SHORTS I drew the outfit I had today on today since it looked like it would be fun to draw. :D Yeah… I don’t look this much like a Disney princess and my headphones cable is never this neat, it’s actually a knotted mess somehow wrapped around both my throat, face and legs at all times. But, yannow, artistic license. xD

Some super quick Ceph doodles from lunch. Trying to get my style looser, been super stiff recently, so these are just single-layer roughs with some scribbly tone to tie things together a bit. Messed up her design a bunch, oops. xD I dunno, fun practise. :D

Silly lunchtime Gabriel doodle. :3

It’s mother’s day in the UK! Just a little card I made for my Mum. C: She’s amazing!

Random panel. You have NO IDEA how much stick I’ve had from friends for giving my characters katanas. Apparently angels & demons walking around on earth is totally believable but NO WAY are you allowed to use katanas for anything ever. xD

Comic will be up sooooon~

Too tired for comics tonight so just did some messy character test doodles with Tahriel. She’s technically like my easiest character to draw, but sometimes it’s really hard to get what I want into her acting! Seriously need to work on my expressions right now. :|

Lil’ bit of fanart for cantosprofanae, y’all should go check out his page, he’s conspicuously talented and a rad dude as well. C: This is for a short he’s making, kind of a reimagined Red Riding Hood, which looks FREAKING AWESOME.

I am smrt because I finalise character designs AFTER drawing 20 pages of comic. :B

…Time to go back and fix things! c: I’m not complaining, I’d have had to do this anyway!

I dug up some two-year-old sketches of these guys the other day and they amuse me so much; when I have the comic up, I’ll post their whole design evolution. Like several characters in this comic, I’ve been designing them alongside each other the whole way through, which is really fun since you get to match and contrast things. c: These characters and the comic actually started out as a really bad NaNoWriMo story from 2011, before I had my whole life thrown off kilter and I learned it was fun to write about stuff I care about. C: It’s changed a LOT since then!

I never even watched this show because I was once a ferocious 6 year old tomboy but wowwww I love 80s designs.

Experimeeeents. Wow Tumblr way to ruin the colours for everybody.

Personal/reblog blog!

Hey guys! I’m gonna start using another tumblr over here for personal junk/rebloggings: RobinF-Blog

There’s way too much great stuff I see posted everyday and I feel like such a snob if I can never reblog any of it! I’m also gonna be posting some stupid comics about life/personal shizz eventually because it’ll be nice to have a space where I can just do that without worrying about spamming people who just want to look at art. :) So yeah, follow away if you’re interested in that stuff, I guess I’ll mostly be posting about animals, art ref and mythology/theology junk.